KD2 Consultants is a purpose-driven company aiming to set and exceed the standards of excellence for procuring needed medical supplies including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & and providing medical training including Basic Life Support (BLS), cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and allied health program certifications.

We are experienced professionals who command the skills, knowledge, and capabilities necessary to deliver value-added, resource efficient outcomes.

KD2 Consultants is a woman owned and minority owned business.

OUR Mission

We lead with learning, compelling our clients to remain current with innovative scientific and medical research findings necessary for individual and organizational success, knowing that they are equipped with the latest, innovative information, returning to us again and again to maintain that value-add advantage.

Our Vision is K.D.D.

  • Knowledge – Our training expertise leads the way to your success
  • Delivery – whether the general public or highly technically skilled audience, KD2 consultants ensures trainings to meet the knowledge, skills and needs of the audience
  • Dependability – KD2 Consultants is with you every step of the way

Dr. Kecia Harris

Dr. Harris is a Biomedical Scientist, Health and Wellness Consultant, and Speaker with more than fifteen years of research and health consultant experience with the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the pharmaceutical industry.

Her background includes expertise in infectious and chronic disease research and oncology education. Additionally, her training and work as a former middle and high school teacher significantly contributes to her ability to make the most complicated, technical information, understandable.

Principal Manager, KD2 Consultants